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The TUC Charter on international LGBT solidarity spells out the
Guidance for unions on why the Social Model of Disability
The TUC is encouraging trade unions to collectively challenge the

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The TUC campaigns against discrimination at work and in wider society. Unions have always been at the forefront of the drive for equality at work, whether through the struggle for equal pay, through tackling racism or working for equal access to learning and skills. This section will keep you up to date with the latest TUC equality information.

Equality specific TUC Education training programmes are available. To find out more please visit equality training courses

Equality Audit 2014

The 2014 survey of union structures, policies and services relating to equality, featuring a response rate covering 95 per cent of the TUC’s 5.6 million British trade union members. The results, which can be compared with those from the 2011 audit, provide important reading for all member unions. Visit Equality Audit 2014 page

The purpose of the Charter is to establish the principles on the basis of which trade unions should operate to protect and advance the rights to equality of LGBT people everywhere.
27 March 2015
The TUC is today (Friday) launching a new Charter for International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Solidarity. The central message of the Charter is that solidarity is at the core of trade union values, but that decisions regarding when, whether and how to act must be firmly in the...
27 March 2015
The DWP’s harsh benefit sanctions regime has pushed Jobcentres towards a culture of harassment, not help. Changes under Iain Duncan Smith have meant a surge in the use of financial sanctions for benefit claimants. The financial sanctions are much harsher too, lasting a minimum of four weeks and can be...
25 March 2015
Report of the TUC Seminar February 2015
20 March 2015
The TUC Charter on international LGBT solidarity spells out the duty of unions to support LGBT people facing oppression across the world, and explains the principles on which it must be based. The Charter has been endorsed by the International TUC.
13 March 2015
Frances O'Grady talks to Netmums.com about her experience as a mum, and about the impact of changes in the law that will allow mums and dads to share parental leave and pay from April this year. http://www.netmums.com/lifestyle/money-and-debt/shared-parental-leave-your-questions-answered
13 March 2015
Coinciding with World Book Day on March 5th, over 40 people attended the launch of Mary Alys’ book, “Calling Time on Women’s Wasted Potential” Mary wrote the book in her final days, she finished it on the Thursday and passed away on the Saturday, so this book was so very...
12 March 2015
Women’s experience of financial abuse and potential implications for Universal Credit Exploratory research by Women’s Aid for the TUC By Marilyn Howard and Amy Skipp Official statistics do not identify financial abuse as a distinct form of abuse. Yet survivors raise this as a significant issue with Women’s Aid and...
12 March 2015
A report published today (Thursday) by the TUC and Women’s Aid reveals the hidden misery of women trapped in financially abusive relationships, in many cases leaving them trapped in poverty and without any access to money for essentials, emergencies or for their children.
12 March 2015
This report, prepared for TUC Women’s Conference 2015, takes stock and looks at how women have fared through recession and austerity. It finds that while progress on some headline measures of gender equality has continued – the employment and pay gap have continued to narrow, for example – some women...
11 March 2015