Economic Issues

TUC response to interest rate rise.
04 November 1999
Alistair Darling, Secretary of State for Social Security, will be the keynote speaker at the TUC's annual conference on pensions to be held on 29th October.
14 October 1999
The TUC report, 'Prevention is better than cure: Targetting help for unemployed people', urges the Employment Service to undertake a pilot project looking at how other countries identify and help at risk individuals before they join the ranks of the long-term unemployed.
13 October 1999
TUC reaction to the Bank of England announcement on interest rates.
07 October 1999
The pension power for you hotline which was organised by the TUC in collaboration with the DSS, FSA and a number of pensions and employers' organisations received almost 24,000 call in just six weeks, Pensions Minister, Jeff Rooker, announced today.
05 October 1999
Economic and Industrial Issues
17 September 1999
Britain's level of public investment is seriously lagging behind Germany, France and the US, says the TUC is a new report, 'Britain's Public Investment Gap'.
16 September 1999
TUC comment on today's unemployment figures.
11 August 1999
People seeking information on their pensions have only one week to call the pension power for you helpline.
09 August 1999
Response to the CBI's annual survey on absenteeism.
30 July 1999