Touchstone Pamphlets

The TUC Touchstone pamphlet The Missing Billions calculated that £25bn is lost to the Treasury each year through tax avoidance activities. The pamphlet played a key role in placing tax issues back on the political agenda. As a result, the Government has taken unprecedented action to close the ‘tax gap'...
02 December 2009
A ToUChstone Extra report by Stewart Lansley. It examines the key economic factors that have left middle- and lower-income Britain in the slow-lane of rising prosperity.
12 November 2009
The Chancellor should introduce a 0.05 per cent transaction tax on instant sterling transfers between UK financial institutions so that the finance sector makes a major contribution to repairing the damage done to public finances by the credit crunch, the TUC says today (Wednesday).
11 November 2009
When asked to guess how close their pay is to average earnings, both rich and poor think they are closer to the average than they actually are, and underestimate just how big the difference between rich and poor is in Britain today, according to a TUC survey published today (Monday).
07 September 2009
This is the sixth in the series of Touchstone Pamphlets designed to inform and stimulate debate on the most pressing issues facing British policymakers
28 May 2009
Tax avoidance by wealthy UK residents through tax havens costs UK tax payers at least £4 billion a year, according to new research published today (Sunday) by the TUC.
01 March 2009
Creating thousands of green jobs could not only help the UK slash its CO2 emissions, but investment in a new low carbon workforce could also limit the length and severity of the current recession, says the TUC in the latest of its Touchstone pamphlets published today (Thursday).
26 February 2009
“A steep fall in the tax take in the middle of a recession will surprise no-one. But it is absolutely right to let the deficit grow. When companies and consumers stop spending, the public sector must fill the gap.
19 February 2009
Speaking at the Fabian Society's New Year conference Fairness doesn't happen by chance, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:
17 January 2009
The TUC will today (Tuesday) urge the Government to follow Barack Obama's lead and launch a ‘green industrial revolution', as part of a long-term strategy for a more balanced, sustainable economy.
11 November 2008