Touchstone Pamphlets

Low and median incomes increased by just 27 and 56 per cent in the 30 years up to the recent recession, despite the UK economy more than doubling in size over the same period, according to a new TUC report published today (Monday).
06 June 2011
With tax credit changes that could leave families thousands of pounds out of pocket taking effect from today (Wednesday), the TUC has launched a tax credit calculator to help parents find out how they will be affected.
06 April 2011
The VAT and corporation tax changes in 2011 mean that banks could soon be paying a lower tax rate than consumers, basic rate taxpayers and small businesses, the TUC says today (Monday).
27 December 2010
Capital gains tax (CGT) is used by rich people to avoid paying their proper share of tax and if the Chancellor believes that “we are all in this together” he should increase both the rate and coverage of CGT, according to a new report published by the TUC today (Monday).
18 June 2010
For most of the last three decades, the conventional wisdom among economists and policy makers has been that free and flexible labour markets deliver greatly superior economic outcomes than regulated ones. So influential was this view that from the late 1970s the UK embarked on a sustained path of deregulation...
31 March 2010
Britain is slowly emerging from the most profound economic crisis since the 1930s. This Touchstone pamphlet argues that unions can play a key role in helping Britain on the road to economic recovery, and argues that unions must prioritise building effective workplace organisation and extending collective bargaining coverage if they...
16 March 2010
The concept of ‘good work' is not just about ensuring that jobs do not make people ill; it is about organising work in a way that actually promotes good physical and mental health. This is not a new idea, but in the UK there is no consensus about how exactly...
04 March 2010
Commenting on the report Risk, Reward and Responsibility: The Financial Sector and Society published today (Thursday) by the Treasury, which sets out possible measures to reform the financial sector, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:
10 December 2009
Commenting on the tax on bankers' bonuses announced today (Wednesday) in the Pre-Budget Report, and the reaction to the tax in the City, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:
09 December 2009
Tax avoidance measures announced by the Government since April 2008 have raised nearly £1 billion, but far more could be done with tougher measures and more staff at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), a TUC pamphlet says today (Friday).
04 December 2009