Green Investment Bank sale is missed opportunity for green economy, says TUC

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20 April 2017

Commenting on the announcement today (Thursday) that the government will sell the publicly-owned Green Investment Bank (GIB) to the Macquarie Group, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“The sale is a missed opportunity for Britain to create the green economy we need, and to catch up with our competitors on investment in infrastructure. 

“It’s been a great success supporting green jobs by attracting billions of pounds for green infrastructure. And it’s been a great success for taxpayers, who have found themselves in possession of a valuable asset.

“It’s a shame that such a successful investment bank will no longer be boosting the public purse, but will be lining corporate pockets instead.”  


Notes to Editors:
- GIB has committed £2.3bn to 58 green infrastructure projects with a total value of £10.1bn. Every £1 committed by GIB has mobilised £3 of private investment. More info on GIB is here
- The TUC has previously called for GIB to remain in majority public ownership, and to be given additional borrowing powers and an expanded role.
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