Wales TUC attacks UK Government on pensions and spending cuts

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Wales TUC attacks UK Government on pensions and spending cuts

In a statement of support for the unions in dispute with the UK Government over threats to public sector pensions, Wales TUC General Secretary Martin Mansfield said;

'The Wales TUC pledges our support for the unions engaged in this dispute. It is a dispute which involves us all as trade unionists and as citizens who rely on our public services.

'The UK Government has taken entirely the wrong approach to deficit reduction. They have cut without regard to the impact that has on the economy, on the most vulnerable individuals and on vital services for our communities.

'The people delivering those services should not have their retirements jeopardised because of this ideologically driven, unnecessary and unfair attack.

'The deficit should be dealt with over a far longer period through growth and fairer taxation. The public sector has a vital role to play in that and should be nurtured not neutered.

'It is shamefully unjust to slash jobs, services, pensions and benefits in order to pay for the greed of global financiers.

'It is unwise in the extreme to risk the fragile recovery by taking so much spending out of the economy.

'The Conservative-Liberal Democrat Westminster Government has no mandate from Wales, no mandate for their cuts and no mandate for their attack on public sector pensions.'

Wales TUC President - Unite Wales Secretary Andy Richards said;

'This cabinet of millionaires are not prepared to consider alternatives. They are not seeking alternative solutions.

'We will not surrender jobs, wages, pensions, social benefits and public services - no matter what threats we receive from this discredited Tory/Liberal alliance.

And let us remember that it is the CON/DEMS in Westminster who are the enemy - not the Welsh Labour Government who are standing up for Wales.

'We are in the fight of our lives. A fight which we must win for our members, our communities and future generations'.

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