Corporate Governance

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The High Pay Centre’s ‘Fat Cat Wednesday’ research published today (Wednesday) is a reminder of how important corporate governance reform is to making the economy fairer for all working people, says the TUC.
04 January 2017
A new poll published today (Tuesday) by the TUC, and conducted by Opinium, finds that six in ten (59%) people support the election of worker representatives onto the boards of large companies. TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:“Today we’ve shown Theresa May that the public backs her flagship policy –...
29 November 2016
Commenting on the publication today (Friday) of a Big Innovation Centre report backed by company bosses, which opposes government proposals on pay ratios and annual binding shareholder votes to rein in excess boardroom pay, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Once again bosses in the boardroom think they can get...
25 November 2016
Commenting on today’s (Monday) speech by the Prime Minister at the CBI, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Theresa May made a clear promise to have workers represented on company boards. The proposals in her speech do not deliver on this.
21 November 2016
The TUC has responded to reports today (Tuesday) that the government may consider a voluntary approach to workers on boards by encouraging the Prime Minister to see her pledge through. Seeing through her policy without watering it down is a test of the Prime Minister’s commitment to an economy that...
08 November 2016
Download All Aboard: Making worker representation on company boards a reality (PDF) Executive summary This report sets out the case for worker representation on boards, how it works in practice in other European economies, and how it could be put into practice in the UK. The case for worker representation...
02 October 2016
Commenting on the publication today (Tuesday) of a report from Oxfam on inequality, which calls on Theresa May to deliver on her proposal to put worker representatives on company boards, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Oxfam’s report shows why we need action from government to get a better deal...
13 September 2016
It took Britain’s highest paid chief executive, Martin Sorrell, less than 45 minutes to earn what an average UK worker earns over an entire year, according to new TUC analysis of FTSE 100 directors’ pay published today (Sunday). The TUC says the findings highlight why Theresa May must deliver on...
11 September 2016
The Trade Union Share Owners group (TUSO) has submitted a resolution to the Sports Direct AGM calling for an independent review of their widely criticised employment practices, which have led MPs to compare the company to a ‘Victorian workhouse’.
05 August 2016
The TUC is today (Friday) publishing its latest report on fund manager voting, which finds that boardroom pay policies had median support of just 27% from survey respondents, but 22 of 29 respondents still voted in support of bank bonuses at the legal maximum.
05 February 2016