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Better jobs for mums and dads

Low pay and insecure contracts mean thousands of young working parents aren't getting the support they need at work.
Our objectives

All working mums and dads should get the same parents’ rights from day one

This is part of the TUC's campaign for Great Jobs for Everyone.

42% of young working parents who asked for flexible working say they feel they were penalised for it, with fewer hours, worse shifts, or even losing jobs.

When Michael's daughter was hospitalised with bronchitis, he asked his employer for time off to stay with her. They told him to come to work and see her after his shift.

Young parents like Michael are struggling to raise their families, held back by zero hours and insecure contracts that mean they can't plan childcare and family life. Low pay for younger workers makes things harder - even worse when the full rate of the minimum wage doesn't start until you're 25.

We need better rights for our families, and better jobs for our working mums and dads.

Too many workplaces still expect parents to forget about their kids as soon as they walk in the door. But working together, we can change that.

Frances O'Grady, TUC General Secretary