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National Union of Teachers

We are the largest and most effective union for teachers in England and Wales. Teaching is an incredible career but also very challenging and the NUT will be there for you through both the good and the bad. The NUT is committed to one union for all teachers. Recent years have seen massive change in our education sector and the NUT has been, and will continue to campaign on the issues that matter most to teachers and students.

Main trades: 
Nurseries and childcare
Male 79,365 | Female 254,340 | Total 333,705
Employers represented include: 

Schools (Primary and Secondary), Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges, Nursery Schools, Supply Teaching

020 7388 6191
020 7387 8458
Hamilton House
Mabledon Place
General secretary: 
Kevin Courtney
Membership benefits: 

Bigger and Better – As the largest teaching union in the UK we give our members an unrivalled voice in their school, their local authority, and with the national government.

Unity – we believe in one union for all teachers and we have campaigned consistently to achieve this. The more united we are the stronger teachers will be.

It’s Your Union – It is teachers like you who lead our work and decide the issues we campaign on.

Support and Advice – As well as our large, nationwide network of trained caseworkers and workplace reps we are the only teaching union to have qualified solicitors in every English region and Wales to support our members when they need us most.


Membership is free for student teachers including School Direct trainees.
Newly Qualified Teachers can get full membership for just £1. Reduced rates apply for some members including for example those who work part-time or supply.

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