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Launching the Preston 'Join a Union' campaign

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This week the TUC is celebrating its annual “HeartUnions “week, where we rightfully reflect on the importance of belonging to a trade union.

And across Preston, in conjunction with the City Council we will be launching our own ‘Join a Union’ campaign, which will be aimed at encouraging as many people as possible across Preston to become union members in the City.

Never has there been a more important time to belong to a trade union, whether protecting jobs, working for fairer pay and conditions or being a voice for equality and diversity in the workplace, the trade union movement has always been there for working people.

Wherever you are working at the moment – in your usual place of work, in your home, or if you are furloughed, you need to stay safe and the best way to ensure that your personal safety is a priority is by belonging to a trade union. We want all Prestonians to be covered by the same protections.

The TUC represents 5.6million workers in 50 different trades unions so whatever job you do and wherever you work there will be a union that’s right for you.

You can use our Find A Union tool to see which union is best for your workplace  - or you can ask your work colleagues which union they are in – it makes sense for you to all be in the same union.

 If you are already a member, then we would encourage you to use the week to tell friends, family or colleagues the benefits of joining a union.

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