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Join us for Organise 2020

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From 9 -11 July, the TUC is hosting Organise 2020, a free festival of ideas in union organising.

It’s a huge pleasure to welcome you to our forthcoming three-day organising festival, and what promises to be a wonderful, upbeat, unifying event.

Organise 2020 has one simple aim: to rebuild our collective strength by putting union organising at the heart of everything we do. We know that our ability to win for our members and to influence employers and government is dependent on us building a strong, diverse, and growing trade union movement.

We’ve got a packed programme of brilliant speakers, stimulating debates and diverse topics. We’ll be holding talks on issues such as opposing the far right, achieving a zero carbon economy in a fair and just way, and organising for equality.

We’ll be debating how best to organise workers in multinational giants like Amazon. And we’ll also be looking at how we can use digital tools to organise the next generation of trade union members and energise the next generation of activists.

This year’s event will inevitably be overshadowed by the Covid-19 crisis, the economic effects of which have meant that workers have been hit hard, and we’re now facing an unprecedented surge in unemployment. But the crisis has also underlined the value of strong trades unions, and we’ll be discussing ways in which we can build an economy that’s fairer, stronger and greener.

We’ll be sharing best practice, celebrating success stories and learning from our international comrades. We’ve got guests joining us from partner unions across the world, from Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Palestine, South Africa, Spain and Turkey.

Some of the speakers we’ve got lined up include Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner MP; Carmen Foro, General Secretary of CUT (Brazil); Tefere Gebre, Executive Vice-President of AFL-CIO (US); and Lebogang Mulaisi, Labour Market Policy Co-ordinator, Cosatu, (South Africa).

Organise 2020 will appeal to everyone who cares about trade unions, equality and justice for workers. And it can act as a springboard to growth – laying the foundations for a trade union resurgence in the years and decades ahead.

Organise 2020 is free to attend. All events will take place online. Get involved, contribute to the debate, share your ideas – and together let’s build a better future for working people.

Sign up to take part in one of the biggest and brightest festivals of trades unionism for years.

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