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Hospice UK have today (Thursday 23 February) added their name to a charter aimed at helping employees who become terminally ill at work. The charity is the latest employer to sign up to the Dying to Work Voluntary Charter, following in the footsteps of employers such as E-On, Legal and...
23 February 2017
Some more photos of the many events that took place in our region to celebrate Hearts Unions week.
23 February 2017
14 February 2017
First photos of Hearts Unions week activities in Yorkshire and the Humber
10 February 2017
Every organisation needs a single, reliable information resource for those who follow its fortunes, and for the TUC that has been the Directory, our annual yearbook about TUC work and that of our member unions.
21 January 2017
The Exhibition is an integral part of our annual Congress and frequently figures in media coverage. As regular participants know, the TUC Exhibition area provides the principal setting where the 600 delegates and several thousand visitors and media representatives conduct important business out of the conference hall. You can be...
20 January 2017
The TUC recognises the importance of representatives such as Shop Stewards and Office Reps in building the Trade Union movement in the workplace. There are hundreds of representatives in the region who devote much time and energy protecting and improving wages and conditions of their members. Often they deal with...
09 January 2017
The Northern TUC continues to appreciate and acknowledge the range of work currently undertaken by lay union representatives on behalf of their members and the community. Once again the TUC will be making an award to the trade unionist who represents the best aspects of being a union health &...
09 January 2017
In her New Year message published today (Friday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady calls for a “new bargain” for working people that gives them better protection at work and a fairer share of Britain’s success.
30 December 2016