TUC Young Workers Forum announces UK & Ireland Youth Unemployment Campaign Summit

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As part of the first TUC Young Workers Month, the TUC Young Workers Forum is organising a Youth Unemployment Campaign Summit in partnership with the Scottish TUC, Wales TUC and the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

The summit, to be held in Liverpool on March 28th, 2014 will bring together representatives of young workers from each confederation and will discuss the scale of youth unemployment in each nation, government responses and trade union campaigns.

As well is increasing understanding of different responses to the youth unemployment crisis, the summit will aim to provide a framework for joint campaign activity, sharing of resources and best practice.  The summit will also discuss how the ETUC Framework of Action on Youth Employment can be taken forward and the ETUC Youth Committee will also be represented at the summit.

For further details contact Carl Roper, TUC National Organiser on [email protected]

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