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Schools and students

We aim to help students learn more about the TUC, trade unions and workplace related issues through this special section of our website. Click on the links below for some basic introductions, and for help in navigating towards the information you are looking for.

TUC Schools Programme?

TUC Schools Programme

Preparing young people for the challenges and opportunities of employment . Find out more about TUC speakers, resources and events to introduce young people about trade unionism.


What is the TUC?

What is the TUC?

What Trade Unions are, what the Trades Union Congress is, who runs the TUC and how, TUC and trade union history and links to union history websites.


The TUC in Action

The TUC in Action

Trade Union Organising, Employment law, Equality for All, Health and Safety at work, Economic Analysis, Employment Research and Union membership Statistics.


Trade Unionism Around the World

Trade Unionism Around the World

Information on Europe, International Trade Union bodies, Unions around the world, International Development and TUC International policy.

If you are looking for information on rights at work and which union to join, follow this link to our WorkSMART website or to the specialist student employment site, More Than Work.

If you want more in-depth information about the TUC, its views, and the issues it campaigns on, you can look throughout our site using the search facility or by clicking on the relevant subject in one of the drop down menus at the top of this page.

Online SourcesCan't find what you're looking for?

Consult our guide to online sources, which focuses especially on employment and labour market information.

The TUC was formed in 1868 as an umbrella organisation of Britain's trade unions . Our headquarters is Congress House in London, but we also have regional offices around the country. We aim to be a voice for working people in the UK. The TUC is headed by the General...
12 March 2002