TUC Rules and Standing Orders

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Rules as amended at the 2010 Congress -including provision for London Congresses in alternate years starting in 2011
14 April 2011
Commenting on the launch today (Wednesday) of the Government consultation on the right to request time to train, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:
11 August 2010
The average contribution to an employee's stakeholder pension is just £720 a year, including employee and employer contributions. But contributions, averaging nearly £2,000, paid into stakeholder pensions by non-employees – many of them the children or spouses of the well-off taking advantage of stakeholder tax breaks - boosts the overall...
13 August 2004
Stakeholder pensions have failed to plug the gap caused by the retreat from good occupational pension schemes according to TUC research published today (Thursday) that shows that less than three in a hundred workers have taken one up. And the small number of workers who have taken out a stakeholder...
20 May 2004
Commenting on the Department for Work and Pensions' White Paper ‘Informed Choices for Working and Saving', published today (Tuesday), TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:
03 February 2004
the Government may be considering raising the cap on charges for stakeholder pensions. There is no justification for increasing this. People are not joining stakeholder pension schemes because employers are not paying into them.
07 February 2003
TUC comment on the reports from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Legal and General/Barclays on the take up of stakeholder pensions amongst employees.
23 July 2001
Fifteen teaching associations have set up the Teachers' National Stakeholder Pension Scheme under the TUC Stakeholder Pension Scheme.
18 May 2001
Women retire with pensions worth, on average, 85% of men's says the TUC as it publishes a new leaflet on stakeholder pensions and a pensions guide to try to help female workers secure a better retirement deal today (Thursday).
14 March 2001
With less than 40 days to the launch of stakeholder pensions, on 6 April, more than 55,000 employers as well as unions in Wales are being encouraged to take urgent action and start putting their schemes in place. To ram the message home the TUC is bringing its stakeholder pension...
13 February 2001