Congress 2015

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Great Jobs for Everyone - Congress 2015

Frances O'Grady

The 147th Congress will be held at the Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton from Sunday 13 September to Wednesday 16 September 2015. #TUC15

Economic growth might be back but millions of workers have seen the worst decline in real wages since Victorian times.The government looks increasingly out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people, ignoring the damage to the economy too.

It is against this backdrop that the trade union movement will come together, in Brighton in September this year, to debate, discuss and decide how we can take action and organise to defend the people we represent and set out a vision for a better way.

Unedited verbatim report for TUC Congress 2015 which took place at the Brighton Centre 10 - 13 September 2015. This is a record of everything that was said from the podium in the formal business of Congress 2015. The files are organised by each of the six morning and afternoon...
15 October 2015
Archive videos of Congress 2015, 13 - 16 September 2015, Brighton
01 October 2015
Liz Snape, Assistant General Secretary of UNISON, has today (Wednesday) been elected as the next President of the TUC.
16 September 2015
Mr President, it's a daunting honour to address this Congress on behalf of the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) – Liberty, at such a vital moment in the struggle for fundamental rights and freedoms around the world.
16 September 2015
Congress is appalled at the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding across Europe and the death toll among people fleeing war, persecution, sexual violence and destitution. In total, more than 2,300 people – many of them children – have died already this year trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach...
16 September 2015
Congress notes that there will be a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union at some time in the next two years, possibly before the 2016 Congress.
16 September 2015
Motion 62 and amendment, 63, 65 and amendment, 66, 67 and amendment, 68 and amendment, 69 and 70
16 September 2015
Congress notes with deep concern the government consultation launched on 11 September 2015 on “Enabling closer working between the emergency services”.
16 September 2015
Congress condemns the BBC’s decision not to renew its weather forecasting contract with the Met Office, trailed in the media on 23 August, and to exclude it from further stages of the bidding process.
16 September 2015
Congress is outraged at the imprisonment of Colombian academic, Miguel Beltran, on 31 July, charged with rebellion. Mr. Beltran had been cleared of these charges in 2011 after over two years in prison. Congress is appalled that Mr. Beltran was assaulted by a prison guard and visits from relatives and...
16 September 2015