Congress 2011 - The Programme of Business

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The programme may be subject to change

Congress 2011 The Programme of Business

The programme of business for TUC Congress 2011 in London (Downloand PDF version)


Today's music: BYMT Wind Quintet


Approval of tellers and scrutineers Introduction of sororal/fraternal delegates and visitors

GC Report GC Report Chapter 11: Obituary and silence for world peace
GPC Report: GPC Chair Peter Hall

General Secretary's Address and General Council statement on the economy and the TUC's campaign strategy

GC Report Chapter 1:
The All Together Campaign

Para 1.1 Introduction
Para 1.2 The Spending Review
Para 1.3 Engaging in policy debate
Para 1.4 Sectoral activity
Para 1.5 Digital campaigning
Para 1.6 The March for the Alternative
Para 1.7 Continuing the campaign


GC Report Chapter 4:
Economic and industrial affairs
Motion 22 Alternative economic strategy
Motion 23 Policies for growth
Motion 24 Economic policy
Motion 25 Economic responsibility and fairness

Para 4.1 Introduction
Para 4.2 The economy
Para 4.3 Labour market
Para 4.4 Industry policy
Para 4.5 Corporate governance and capital markets
Para 4.18 Royal Mail

Motion 26 Independent Commission on Banking

Employment rights

GC Report Chapter 2:
Organising and rights at work
Motion 1 Trade union rights
Motion 2 The right to take lawful industrial action
Motion 3 Trade union and labour rights
Motion 4 Trade union rights and the right to protest
Motion 5 Trade union rights
Motion 6 Anti-trade union legislation

Para 2.1 Introduction
Para 2.2 Organising and representation
Para 2.3 Young people
Para 2.4 Fairness at work: TUC campaign for workplace justice and trade union freedoms
Para 2.5 Blacklisting
Para 2.6 Building Stronger Unions: making the law work for you

Motion 7 The government's deregulation agenda
Motion 8 Government review of employment legislation
Motion 9 Changes to employment tribunals and unfair dismissalPara 2.7 Employment tribunals
Para 2.8 Statutory recognition
Para 2.9 Data protection and civil liberties
Para 2.10 Protection of Freedoms Bill
Para 2.11 Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Para 2.12 Better Regulation

Motion 10 Vulnerable and a typical workers
Motion 11 Payroll companies
Motion 12 Employment law
Motion 13 TUC support for smaller trade unions

End of session


Presentation of Robin Hood Tax video
President's address and vote of thanks

Public services

GC Report Chapter 4: Economic and industrial affairs (cont.)
Motion 44 Public services and their importance to the economy
Motion 45 The economic alternative to cuts in public services and the welfare state
Motion 46 Campaigning against the economic policy of the Conservative-led coalition government
Motion 47 Building the resistance and defending pensionsPara 4.13 Public Services
Motion 27 Sickness and absence policies

Motion 15 No cutting back on women's equality: women united against the cuts
Para 3.8 Women's equality

Motion 16 Race equality and the attack on public servicesPara 3.9 Race equality
Motion 17 Mental health at workPara 3.10 Disability
Motion 18 Defending LGBT rights while fighting the cuts
Para 3.11 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights

Motion 19 Public sector equality dutyPara 3.2 Equality Act 2010
Motion 20 Proposed reform of the Equality and Human Rights CommissionPara 3.4 Equality and Human Rights Commission
Motion 21 Defending multiculturalism

End of session



Today's music: RGS Senior Chamber Group


Address by Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, followed by Q&A


GC Report Chapter 4: Economic and industrial affairs (cont.)
Motion 36 Low-carbon economy
Motion 37 Carbon floor price
Motion 38 Secure, low-carbon, affordable and safePara 4.11 Climate change and energy

Health and social care

Motion 48 All Together for the NHS
Motion 49 Protecting our NHSPara 4.15 Health and social care
Motion 50 Save the NHS
Motion 51 Southern Cross and the care sector
Motion 52 Arthritis
Motion 53 Misuse of anti-psychotic drugs
Motion 54 Review of the use of psychotropic drugs with children


Motion 55 State education
Motion 56 Free schools
Motion 57 Academies and privatisationPara 4.16 Education
Motion 58 The McCormac Review of Scottish teachers' pay and conditions of service
Motion 59 Protecting local children & young people's services

Learning and skills

GC Report Chapter 6: Learning and skillsPara 6.1 Introduction
Para 6.2 Learning and skills policy
Para 6.3 Unionlearn
Para 6.4 TUC Education

End of session


Presentation of lay rep awards
Para 10.3 Congress Awards


GC Report Chapter 4: Economic and industrial affairs (cont.)
Motion 39 Defending public transport
Motion 40 McNulty ReportPara 4.12 Transport

Motion 41 Thameslink Rolling Stock project
Motion 42 Maritime safety
Motion 43 Piracy/Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Apprenticeships & rights

Motion 34 Working for free
Motion 35 Apprenticeships and the National Minimum WagePara 4.7 Social security
Para 4.8 National Minimum Wage
Para 4.9 Working time
Para 4.10 Housing

Arts, media & culture

Motion 63 A decent work agenda for the creative industries
Motion 64 Lost Arts

Motion 65 Arts fundingPara 4.19 Media, entertainment and the digital economy

Motion 66 Educating consumers about intellectual property rights
Motion 67 Media regulation
Motion 68 BBC licence fee
Motion 69 Great Britain Football TeamPara 4.20 London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games


GC Report Chapter 4: Economic and industrial affairs (cont.)
Motion 60 40-hour week prisoner working
Motion 61 Privatising justice
Motion 62 Family Justice ReviewPara 4.17 Criminal justice


GC Report Chapter 8: The regional dimensionPara 8.1 Introduction
Para 8.2 The economy and economic development
Para 8.3 Welsh Devolution
Para 8.4 Council of the Isles
Para 8.5 TUC in the regions & Wales
Para 8.6 Trades Union Councils
Para 8.7 TUC unemployed workers centres

Ballot results for the General Purposes Committee and the General Council

End of session


Today's music: Taneisha Jackson and Stephanie Forbes


Address by Norma Stephenson, Labour Party sororal delegate


GC Report Chapter 4: Economic and industrial affairs (cont.)
Motion 28 Pensions
Motion 29 Public sector pensions and coordinated industrial action
Motion 30 Pensions
Motion 31 Public sector pensions negotiations
Motion 32 Total reward and pensions
Motion 33 Indexation of occupational pensionsPara 4.6 Pensions
Para 4.14 Public service pay and pensions

Health & safety

GC Report Chapter 7: Protecting people at work
Motion 74 Health and safety
Motion 75 Health and safety spending cuts
Motion 76 Health and safety
Motion 77 No short cuts for health and safetyPara 7.1 Introduction
Para 7.2 Health and safety representatives
Para 7.3 Campaigns
Para 7.4 Health and Safety Executive
Para 7.5 Compensation issues
Para 7.6 External bodies

Motion 78 Work-related stress
Motion 79 Maximum working temperature (health and safety)


GC Report Chapter 5: Global solidarity

Motion 70 World Trade Organisation Mode 4 provisions and EU trade agreements

Para 5.1 Introduction
Para 5.7 Europe: combating austerity, fighting for our rights

Motion 71 Peace in the Middle East/South AsiaPara 5.2 Building stronger unions
Para 5.3 Solidarity
Para 5.4 Securing a just and sustainable global recovery
Para 5.5 International development
Para 5.6 Ensuring more people have rights at work

Motion 72 Egypt
Motion 73 Playfair 2012Campaigns & communications

GC Report Chapter 9: Campaigns and communications

Para 9.1 Introduction

Para 9.2 Campaigning through the media
Para 9.3 Campaigning in Parliament
Para 9.4 Campaigning online
Para 9.5 Campaigning through print
Para 9.6 Campaigning through events
Para 9.7 Exhibitions
Para 9.8 TUC/TUink Trade Union Communications Awards

TUC organisation

GC Report Chapter 10: TUC Organisation

Para 10.1 Introduction
Para 10.2 Affiliations and union mergers
Para 10.4 Congress
Para 10.5 General Council
Para 10.6 TUC Finances and Appendix 3
Para 10.7 Personnel and training
Para 10.8 TUC Information Service and Library Collections
Para 10.9 Congress Centre

Any unfinished business

GC Report Appendix 1: Attendances
GC Report Appendix 2: Committee membership

Closing of congress

Adopt General Council's report General Council retirements Presentation of Gold Badge and Congress bell to President.

Closing video presentation

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