Congress 2011: GPC Report and Composite Motions

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GPC Report and Composite Motions

143rd annual Trades Union Congress. 12-14 September, London.

All motions and amendments stand as in the Final Agenda for Congress 2011 unless indicated otherwise in this document. The following document shows the position at 7 September in respect of motions, amendments and composite motions.


  • Part 1: Agenda
  • Part 2: Introductions and presentations
  • Part 3: Ballots
  • Part 4: Standing orders
  • Part 5: Membership of General Purposes Committee
  • C1 Trade union rights
  • C2 The government's deregulation agenda
  • C3 Defending multiculturalism
  • C4 Alternative economic strategy
  • C5 Pensions
  • C6 Low-carbon economy
  • C7 Defending public transport
  • C8 Thameslink Rolling Stock project
  • C9 Public services and their importance to the economy
  • C10 All Together for the NHS
  • C11 State education, free schools, academies and privatisation
  • C12 Lost Arts and a decent work agenda for the creative industries
  • C13 Health and safety
  • C14 Work-related stress

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