Congress 2007 - Emergency Motion 1

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Congress 2007 - Emergency motion 1

Defence of public services

Congress registers its disgust and dismay at the treatment by the Government of the POA, following its decision to call a 24-hour stoppage of work on 29 August 2007.

Congress fully supports the full implementation of the Pay Review Body recommendations for the POA's members and all other Independent Pay Review Body recommendations for their individual remit groups.

Congress expresses its concern at the failure of the Government to engage the POA in meaningful negotiations, as had been promised by the Secretary of State for Justice, and the consistent resort by the Government to the use of court orders, threats of imprisonment, sequestration and fines.

Congress calls upon the Government to recognise the POA as a free and independent professional trade union; to recognise the union's strong case for urgent action on pay; and to act together with the POA to improve prison conditions for staff and inmates and, through rehabilitation, the general public.

Mover: POA (UK)

Seconder: GMB

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