Who's who at the TUC

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Photo of Frances O'GradyGeneral Secretary
Frances O'Grady

Responsible to Congress and the General Council for the effective operation of the TUC. Frances sets the organisation's strategic goals and acts as chief representative of the TUC.


Photo of Kay CarberryAssistant General Secretary
Kay Carberry

Lead responsibility for the TUC's internal management systems and Secretary to the Executive Committee. Lead in key areas of policy development and project management for the organisation.


Paul NowakAssistant General Secretary
Paul Nowak

Paul leads on a number of key policy areas and has responsibility for the TUC's regional councils, organising and inter-union relations.

TUC Senior Management Staff

List of TUC Departments

General Council Members

TUC Contacts

In total, the TUC currently employs more than 300 people. A large proportion of staff are based at Congress House, the central London headquarters.

Some are based at the TUC's out of London offices, in Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and Brussels. Full addresses and contact numbers for all TUC regional offices.

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