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Download the TUC's campaign aims for 2015. It comprises of
Trades Union Councils and County Associations are an important part

The TUC is the voice of Britain at work. Our overall objectives are to raise the quality of working life and promote equality for all. Our mission is to be a high profile organisation that campaigns successfully for trade union aims and values; assists trade unions to increase membership and effectiveness; cuts out wasteful rivalry; and promotes trade union solidarity.

Just as individual workers benefit by joining together in a union, so unions gain strength by acting together through the TUC. The TUC brings unions together to draw up common policies on issues that matter to people at work.

We represent more than 5.5 million workers in 52 unions. Globally we are part of a union family with 175 million members in more than 150 countries. Our unions range in size from Unite with 1.3 million members to small specialist unions with only a few hundred. Most unions are also affiliated to the Global Union Federation for their sector.

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Government ignores the case against Union Bill...pay the real Living Wage...regional news, campaigns and events update...
19 November 2015
In this issue: · Public Services Alliance · Lobby of Parliament 2 November · Save Our Steel · North East Economic Forum · Reclaim the Night · North East Equality Awards · Unionlearn Update · ULR Forum · In the news… · Health and Safety News… · Diary dates · Contact information
18 November 2015
The Midlands TUC and Citizens UK Birmingham on Wednesday 4th undertook several actions in Birmingham to mark Living Wage Week.
04 November 2015
Trade unionists from across the South West are tomorrow [Monday] travelling to Parliament to ask their MPs to vote against the controversial Trade Union Bill....
01 November 2015
Lobby to protect the right to strike...news, events and campaign updates from the region...
23 October 2015
The Midlands TUC took the Dying to Work campaign to Brussels in October and received the support of Labour MEP's.
22 October 2015
Teachers at the Alfreton Grange Arts College in Derbyshire today took their second day of strike action in opposition to the imposed significant changes to the school day that were introduced at the start of the academic year.
20 October 2015
The Midlands TUC Regional Council met on Saturday October 17.
19 October 2015
200 reps and activists from across Nottingham packed out the Polish Eagle Club in Nottingham to campaign against the Trade Union Bill.
16 October 2015
Unedited verbatim report for TUC Congress 2015 which took place at the Brighton Centre 10 - 13 September 2015. This is a record of everything that was said from the podium in the formal business of Congress 2014. The files are organised by each of the six morning and afternoon...
15 October 2015