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The Trades Union Councils' 2014 to 2015 programme of work,
This is an updated directory which lists all 154 registered
Despite health and safety being a prime activity for unions,

Union Issues

Strong unions matter, which is why the TUC assists unions, through the Organising Academy, to build membership, improve workplaces and speak with authority on behalf of working people and their families.

Strong unions are created by investing in organising; thinking about our resources, how we represent members and develop reps and stewards.

For more information on what we're up to day to day, you can read our blog, Stronger Unions or you can contact the team on organisingacademy@tuc.org.uk

Stronger Unions Blog
Stronger Unions is a news and comment blog about the UK trade union movement, managed by the TUC. We aim to be a central resource on the web for people wanting to find out about what unions are doing, and a community for people to contribute their own thoughts on developments for our movement.

Organising and Networking Using Social Media - a kick-starter for trade union reps and officers This hands-on workshop will show you how to relase the power of social media without spending hours a day doing it. You know that many trade unionists are already using social media to raise their...
26 November 2014
The TUC invites nomuinations from unions for the second TUC Youth Campaign Award
18 November 2014
Commenting ahead of the four-day strike by firefighters in England over government-imposed changes to their pension scheme, the TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady today (Thursday) said: “Once again the government is showing its contempt for public service workers. Evidence warns that raising the normal retirement age for firefighters would lead...
30 October 2014
The General Council has approved revised Model Rules and Standing Orders, prepared by the Trades Councils Joint Consultative Committee, for the use of Trades Union Councils. Trades union councils are asked to update their own constitution, rules and standing orders to ensure that they are compatible with the Model Rules.
22 October 2014
Responding to the publication today (Wednesday) of the government commissioned review of the law governing industrial disputes, headed by Bruce Carr QC, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “This was a party-political stunt that has failed to come off, with the taxpayer left to pick up the bill.”
15 October 2014
SPREAD THE WORD Can you help to make this demo so large and so loud that our media and politicians won't be able to ignore it? We've got five simple ways that you can help to build for the demo online. It might seem like just a few clicks, but...
01 October 2014
What makes a ‘strategic campaign’ strategic?​ Is a question that is often asked, and with the introduction of Strategic Campaigns training as part of the new Organising Academy programme, Becky Wright, Director of the TUC's Organising Academy takes time to answer that question in a video:
25 September 2014
It’s been nearly five months in the making but we are pleased to release the TUC’s Organising Academy brochure for 2014-15! Alongside our existing courses, union staff will also be able to access three new short courses. In April we went out and asked union officers what they would like...
24 September 2014
On the eve of the annual Trades Union Congress in Liverpool, the TUC has today (Saturday) published The Union Advantage, a guide to how unions make work better and society fairer. The guide demonstrates the benefits of unions not only to individual workers but to employers and society as well.
06 September 2014
Every day, Britain’s trade unions are working hard for their members. Even now, when times are hard, our negotiators are able to win pay rises to help people cope with the worst effects of the government’s austerity programme. This booklet sets out the scale of what we call the union...
05 September 2014