Unions in the Community

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This booklet contains all the resolutions which were passed at the Trades Union Councils Annual Conference held this year on 14th and 15th June in Cardiff.
08 July 2014
Trades Union Councils and County Associations are an important part of the labour movement, bringing together activists at a grassroots level and representing the trade union movement to the broader community. All unions, affiliated to the TUC, are asked to circulate this directory to their union branches and encourage them...
28 March 2014
Speaking at the annual Durham Miners' Gala later today (Saturday), TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady will say that while unions' links with political parties have barely been out of the headlines in recent days, it is unions who are best-placed to start to make politics real and relevant again for...
13 July 2013
This is a directory of the 36 TUC unemployed workers' centres in England, and 5 union linked centres in Scotland. It is arranged by TUC Region with the name of the centres in that region listed alphabetically. It has information about each centre's address, relevant contact details, opening times and...
14 May 2013
The Durham Miners' Gala was 141 years old this year. It has survived numerous strikes, lockouts, depressions, two world wars and the destruction of our coalfields. If it is to survive into the future it needs the help of many friends. Each year the cost of organising the Gala increases...
19 November 2012
The Trades Union Councils Joint Consultative Committee has decided that the rules and guidance should give clearer guidance to those wishing to establish trades union councils or to new officers of trades union councils and county associations about their role. The new rules also reflect the changes to procedures which...
08 November 2012
Find the contact details for trades union councils in your area
26 October 2012
Leftspace and the TUC have developed a dedicated area of unionsinthecommunity for trades union councils all around the country which, once activated, will give each trades council and county association a unique web address and an area of the website for any number of articles and pictures.
24 October 2012
The TUCJCC wanted something that people inside and outside the union movement would instantly recognise as meaning trades union council. So it asked trades union councils to design one. And the winning entry was from Carla Paillard from Merseyside CATUC.
23 October 2012
The TUCJCC has agreed to the deletion of Rule 7 (i), on canvassing for TUCJCC nomination,s in the ‘Annual Conference of Trades Union Councils and Election of TUCJCC' section of the Model Rules and Standing Orders for Trades Union Councils and County Associations of Trades Union Councils. Subsequent rules renumbered...
03 October 2012