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Award winning photograph of Baghdad workers by Jess Hurd. TUC photo use for this appeal kindly donated by

Please give generously to the TUC Aid Iraq Appeal, raising money for Iraqi trade unionists to rebuild a free and independent trade union movement, and strengthen civil society in Iraq.

All the money you give will go to funding trade union organisation in Iraq. The TUC makes no deductions from your donation for administration. If you and/or your union branch or region gives money you will be helping Iraqi unions develop their organising and education programmes, and buy IT and office equipment.

Brendan Barber"You can help rebuild free and independent trade unions in Iraq by making a donation to the TUC Aid Appeal. Please give now and give generously. And encourage others to follow your example"
Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary

The photo above is the TUC Press and PR Award winning image by Jess Hurd, depicting workers in Baghdad. The TUC is granted use of this image by arrangement, as a donation to the appeal. For further usage details contact
Thugs from the Sadrist movement stormed the offices of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers in Baghdad last week, assaulting union members and damaging property. TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber wrote to the Iraqi Charges D'Affaires Dr Muhieddin Hussein Abdullah protesting against this latest attack on trade unions.
18 July 2012
The TUC is supporting a Labour Start appeal to defend the President of the Kirkuk Oil and Gas Workers Union, Jamal Abdul-Jabbar who has been forcibly relocated by his employers. International union protests have prevented this sort of management harassment before.
30 May 2011
In one of the worst acts of union repression since the fall of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi police raided and shut down trade unions across the electricity sector on Wednesday. Please sign the urgent LabourStart appeal.
23 July 2010
Police raided and shut down trade unions in the electricity sector across Iraq yesterday, carrying out a Ministerial Order reminiscent of Saddam Hussein. TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has written to Foreign Secretary William Hague asking him to urge his Iraqi counterparts to stop these draconian actions.
22 July 2010
“When we were two federations, we spoke with two voices. Now it is working people who will benefit from us having one voice”. This is the verdict of Hangaw Abdullah Khan, co-President of the newly-created Kurdistan United Workers' Union on the merger between two old union federations in the Northern...
21 May 2010
Last week, as workers left their textile factory in Hilla, Iraq, a bomb was detonated, killing some 40 workers and injuring dozens of others. TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has today written to his counterpart at the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) denouncing this horrible act of terrorism, and...
19 May 2010
“Essentially there are three classes of women here in Kurdistan. Women who are highly educated and who are in professional jobs; women who work in agriculture or factories who are paid low and work very hard and whose wages do not always go into their own pocket, but into the...
19 May 2010
After weeks of industrial action in the southern oil fields in Iraq, management are trying to undermine the Refinery Workers Union by sending four of its leaders to other workplaces. International pressure has prevented this sort of harassment in the past and your action can help prevent it again. Sign...
13 April 2010
The TUC has launched a five point attack on the Iraqi government for its harassment of trade unions at the International Labour Organisation (ILO) committee on standards
04 June 2008
The TUC has joined Iraqi unions and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in condemning the attempt to assassinate the President of the Iraqi Union of Journalists in Baghdad this morning (Saturday), and has called on the Iraqi Government to stop harrassing trade unions.
23 February 2008