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This guide aims to help safety representatives and other union

Migrant workers make up a significant proportion of the UK’s labour force. The TUC supports the freedom of movement of workers in the European Union and we support a managed migration system for those outside the EU, based on the principles of workers’ rights.

Once in the UK, many migrant workers are unaware of their legal rights or unable to enforce them and face exploitation at work as a result. The TUC fights for equal rights for migrant workers, and assists unions to recruit, represent and organise migrant workers.

The TUC has produced a leaflet for people coming to work in the UK giving information about their legal rights to work in this country. The leaflet is available to download in the following languages:

Leaflets updated November 2008 - includes current National Minimum Wage rates until October 2009

Working in the UK, your rights

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the Citizens Advice service have produced a booklet called "Living and Working in the UK" and is for nationals of the ‘A8’ countries, which are the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland.

Living and Working in the UK

The information in the booklet has also been made into Polish and Portuguese language websites:

Polish: http://www.pracawbrytanii.eu/

Portuguese: http://www.trabalharnoreinounido.org/

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the TUC have published a new safety leaflet, ['Your health, your safety: A guide for workers'] provides information about safety rights at work which is translated into 19 different languages.

Congress notes the positive contribution made by migrant communities to the UK. It rejects the myths and lies spread by the coalition government and some media that has led to an increase in racist abuse and attacks. Congress believes that attacks on pay, jobs, working conditions and public services is...
23 September 2014
Congress continues to be deeply concerned at the effects of the government’s austerity agenda which has already resulted in over 13 million people living in poverty with around five million people still earning below the living wage (currently standing at £7.65 an hour). Congress condemns the fact that 10 per...
23 September 2014
On Thursday 28 August, the TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady signed a new protocol of cooperation with Armenio Carlos, the General Secretary of the Portuguese union confederation CGTP-IN at Congress House in London. This protocol reaffirms the commitment of unions and in Britain and Portugal to help Portuguese-speaking migrant workers...
28 August 2014
The British and Portuguese trade union movements will sign a co-operation protocol later today (Thursday), aimed at ensuring Portuguese migrant workers in the UK can join unions and enforce their rights at work. The new agreement will help to prevent the exploitation of migrants and the undercutting of existing workers’...
28 August 2014
TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady has written to the Thai Pineapple Industry Association urging it to persuade its President and CEO of the Natural Fruit Company to drop criminal libel charges against British human rights defender Andy Hall, whose Finnwatch report in 2012 reported serious worker exploitation of Burmese migrants...
25 August 2014
TUC President Mohammed Taj spoke about the TUC approach to migration in one of the sub-plenary sessions of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) world congress in Berlin in May. This is what he said.
06 June 2014
TUC President Mohammad Taj spoke today (19 March) at the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) summit on the future of Europe, ahead of the leaders' summit in Brussels next week. He addressed the British Government's resistance to freedom of movement, and set out the trade union case for migration based...
19 March 2014
The anti-migrant bandwagon is struggling to cope with the flood of politicians trying to climb on board. The tidal wave of hysteria rushing through certain newspapers is threatening to swamp any hope of a debate based upon facts and real-life experiences. Even before the 1st January changes for Romanian and...
16 December 2013
TUC response to Department of Health Consultation on migrant access and their financial contribution to NHS provision in England
28 August 2013
The TUC's submission to a Home Office consultation on increasing penalties for employers found to have employed workers in the UK illegally. The TUC reiterates its objections - based on US evidence of similar schemes - to making employers part of the border police, and calls instead for greater enforcement...
20 August 2013