Human Rights

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The TUC has asked the UK Mission to the UNHRC in Geneva to raise persistent violations of human and trade union rights in Fiji in the forthcoming Universal Periodic Review.
21 October 2014
TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady has joined union leaders in other countries to urge governments negotiating with Iran over its nuclear programme in Vienna this week to expand the talks to cover Iran's appalling human and trade union rights record.
20 October 2014
In its submission to the IDC, the TUC points out that despite its declared intention of helping people to work their way out of poverty, DFID has paid scant regard to the protection and promotion of their employment rights and overlooked the opportunity to enhance the impact of its interventions...
16 October 2014
In a letter to the Swaziland High Commission in London, the TUC has condemned the suspension of the two national trade union centres and a number of statutory bodies in Swaziland on 8 October 2014.
13 October 2014
The TUC has today (Friday) condemned the banning of unions in Swaziland, and urged the UK government to step up its campaign for human rights in the African dictatorship.
10 October 2014
TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady has joined with 10 other public figures to call on Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to press the Swaziland government to release political prisoners Mario Masuku and Maxwell Dlamini.
09 October 2014
Congress notes with concern the findings of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency survey showing an increase of deliberate, sustained and violent attacks on LGBT people. Congress asserts that a major factor in the rise in homophobic and transphobic extremism is the punitive and discriminatory laws in countries such as Russia,...
23 September 2014
TUC Aid has joined hands with Disability Aid Abroad (DAA) in Northern Ireland to help disabled people in Rwanda to improve their job prospects.
16 September 2014
The TUC has written to the Peruvian government after four Ashánika Indigenous leaders from the Peruvian Amazon were killed by suspected illegal loggers. It is likely that the attack was in retaliation to the leaders’ activism against illegal logging on their ancestral lands. Their families and fellow community members are...
12 September 2014
The TUC has written to the Ambassador of Qatar over the urgent case of two missing reseacrhers who were in Qatar to meet with migrant workers and investigate conditions. Updated to include Amnesty UK Action.
04 September 2014