Skills Policy

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The TUC has long campaigned to raise the skills of Britain's work force. It's good for the country's competitiveness and helps people find more fulfilling and better paid jobs. Here are links to our most recent policy and research work on skills, education and lifelong learning. You can find older material using the search facilities. The TUC is also actively involved in promoting lifelong learning through unionlearn.

Unionlearn was formed from the merger of TUC Education and Learning Services in May 2006. This new initiative has been developed by the TUC to help unions meet the education and skills needs of their members.

To find out more about how the TUC and education unions are actively campaigning for better education policies, please visit the Education and Schools section of the website. 

The TUC has given written evidence for the consultation on implementing new GCSEs in English and maths into post-16 education. The response from the TUC concentrates on the impact of the changes to post-19 adult learning. The TUC supports the overall aspiration of raising literacy and numeracy skills levels and...
02 October 2014
This is the TUC submission to the BIS consultation on proposals to expand the existing “24+ Advanced Learning Loans” to more learners by extending the requirement to take out a loan to people aged 19-23 and also to Level 2 qualifications. The TUC’s view is that it would be highly...
02 October 2014
The government recently consulted on linking Traineeship funding to the achievement of outcomes. The TUC is supportive of funding reforms which will increase the likelihood of Traineeships leading to secure , fairly paid employment for young people. The TUC is concerned that poor quality Traineeships could lead to the exploitation...
01 October 2014
The TUC and CBI have today (Friday) marked the first anniversary of the government’s Traineeships programme by signing a joint statement of support for those wanting to take part in the scheme.
01 August 2014
Commenting on today’s announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, for ‘a package of measures to support the city’s science and transport infrastructure’, the North West TUC welcomed the package but asked that investment in jobs and skills followed to ensure job creation benefited the local area. Lynn Collins, North...
03 July 2014
Commenting on new figures published today (Wednesday) by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which found that the unemployment rate for men (12.9 per cent) and women (10.8 per cent) with no qualifications was more than twice that of people with at least one qualification (5.2 per cent for men,...
18 June 2014
Green Growth: No Turning Back sets out the key principles which underpin the TUC’s approach to energy policy and climate change. Taking account of the UN’s latest scientific evidence on climate change, the debate on energy security and the operation of the UK energy market, and on the affordability of...
13 December 2013
Commenting on the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission’s first annual ‘State of the Nation’ report published today (Thursday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
17 October 2013
In November 2012, Matthew Hancock, Skills Minister announced that BIS would be introducing “Traineeships”. The premise of the programme is that as Apprenticeships improve in quality, young people may need to undertake a programme which equips them with the skills and qualifications needed to secure an Apprenticeship. A “discussion paper”...
08 February 2013
The Government asked the entrepreneur, Doug Richard, to carry out an overarching review of Apprenticeships in the summer of 2012. The TUC responded to the review - you can download the response here.
05 September 2012