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There is much that the UK could learn from the rapid expansion of the Chinese economy in recent years, but unless the government adopts a proper strategy for wealth creation and re-balances the economy British firms will lose out, warns a report published today (Tuesday) by the TUC.
15 April 2014
With China set to become the largest economy in the world by 2016 and with South Korea spending five times as much as most EU countries on research and development, the TUC is hosting a seminar next week to look at what the UK might learn from China and her...
11 April 2014
Welcoming the announcement today (Thursday) that Derby-based train manufacturer Bombardier has won the £1.6bn contract to build trains for Crossrail, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
06 February 2014
An ambitious roll-out of carbon capture storage (CCS) technology would generate a large number of jobs, create a market worth £15-35bn by 2030, and reduce household electricity bills by £82 a year, according to a joint report published today (Monday) by the TUC and the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA).
03 February 2014
The Northern TUC has warned of the serious economic damage that would be caused by Nissan’s possible departure from the North East. Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn has warned the car-maker would have ‘to reconsider its strategy’ investing in the UK, should the country decide to leave the European Union...
08 November 2013
Industrial policy for the green economy: The TUC's 'Green' Budget submission calls for a decarb taregt for the Energy Bill, long term support for energy intensive industries, and a low carbon energy strategy to generate green growth and jobs, but is not rreliant on a new dash for gas.
22 February 2013
TUC Clean Coal Task Group Submission to DECC's 'Call for evidence on the role of gas in the electricity market,” June 2012. The government should complement its gas strategy with a similar review of the role of coal in the energy mix in order to develop a comprehensive fossil fuel...
06 July 2012
Coal and the Energy Bill, June 2012: TUC Clean Coal Task Group Submission to the Energy & Climate Change Committee. This TUC Briefing sets out 4 key reforms to the Energy Bill essential to secure investment in clean coal technology, develop UK mining as a secure fuel, and avoid a...
06 July 2012
Coal, it appears, is the forgotten fuel, both in the Energy Bill and in DECC's new gas strategy. UK mining industry directly employs over 6,000 people and at least the same again in coal power stations, rail and transport infrastructure. With coal generation supplying a third of the UK's electricity,...
06 July 2012
Reeport of the ITUC's World of Work Pavilion, Durban, December 2011. Unions globally are campaigning for green jobs and skills, at work and in the community. In this workshop, unions from South Africa, the US, Bangladesh, the UK and Belgium share experiences and offer advice on campaigns and successes at...
17 April 2012