Gender Equality

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The position of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB and
This is a toolkit for trade unions, voluntary organisations, community
Ready to use checklist : How gender-sensitive is your workplace?

The TUC campaigns for women's equality in the workplace and in the wider community. Here you can find recent information and materials on the work of the TUC in the following areas:  Abortion Rights; Childcare; Violence Against WomenEqual pay; Parents and Carers; Part Time Workers; Poverty; TUC Women's conference

Gender and Occupational Safety & HealthGender And Occupational Safety And Health section is focussed on a gender-sensitive approach to occupational health and safety and ensuring equal rights to protection for all workers.

Age Immaterial websiteAge Immaterial is a new blog that will provide a platform to highlight and discuss issues affecting working women over 50. We will gather the best campaigners, writers and women of experience to write about key issues facing women over 50 in the work place focusing on five key areas: pay, jobs, discrimination, caring and health. Visit the website

More than 150 women, men and children turned out to support the eighth annual Reclaim the Night event organised by the Northern TUC Women’s Group on Saturday 22 nd November. Once again the march was led by the fantastic Bangshees all –women drumming group who really got the crowd moving...
25 November 2014
Commenting on the latest annual pay statistics published today (Wednesday) by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) – which show that the full-time median gender pay gap reduced to 9.4 per cent in 2014 (from 10 per cent the year before) – TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “It’s good...
19 November 2014
Hard on the heels of equal pay day and the continued disparity between men and women in the world of employment we see another rise in female unemployment in the region. Whilst many of those in power just look at the headline figure and slap themselves on the back there's...
17 November 2014
In this issue: Equality Conferences; Discrimination Law Conference; Equality Officers Briefings; Women’s Conference deadlines; Black Workers’ Conference deadlines; Disabled Workers Conference; LGBT Conference; Trade Union Women’s Reception; UN Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Event; UK Disability History Month
14 November 2014
More than 40 years after the Dagenham strikes and the Equal Pay Act, women’s earnings are still considerably lower than men’s – with the "gender pay gap" sitting at 15.7% for full-time workers. This means that women effectively work for free from Tuesday 4 th November (equal pay day) until...
10 November 2014
Despite 40 years of equality legislation and an increasingly diverse workforce, significant inequalities persist in Britain’s workplaces. There is a 30 per cent gap in the employment rate between working age disabled people and non-disabled people. Disabled people are more likely to be in lower skilled jobs and three in...
17 October 2014
The TUC Women's Conference 2014 unanimously carried a resolution reaffirming the TUC's support for Abortion Rights and a woman's right to choose.
22 September 2014
The TUC Women's Conference carried a composite resolution on Childcare this year. The Women's Conference is entitled to send one motion to Congress each year. The motion is chosen by a ballot. The resolution on childcare was chosen to go to Congress.
22 September 2014
The TUC Women's Committee for 2014-15. The Committee comprises women General Council members and 18 women elected at TUC Women's Conference.
22 September 2014
Women working part-time across the North West are struggling on low pay as research published today (Thursday) by the TUC shows that at least a third of women working part time earn less than the living wage. In parts of the North West, the problem is even greater, with nearly...
28 August 2014