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Download Paternity leave and pay (PDF) If you are an
Download Leave and pay for mothers (PDF) Pregnant women are
This is a new guide for trade union reps about

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The TUC campaigns against discrimination at work and in wider society. Unions have always been at the forefront of the drive for equality at work, whether through the struggle for equal pay, through tackling racism or working for equal access to learning and skills. This section will keep you up to date with the latest TUC equality information.

Equality specific TUC Education training programmes are available. To find out more please visit equality training courses

Equality Audit 2014

The 2014 survey of union structures, policies and services relating to equality, featuring a response rate covering 95 per cent of the TUC’s 5.6 million British trade union members. The results, which can be compared with those from the 2011 audit, provide important reading for all member unions. Visit Equality Audit 2014 page

The TUC has welcomed a report published today (Friday) by the Work and Pensions Committee that calls for funding and training improvements for the Access to Work (AtW) scheme, which helps disabled people into employment. The Committee’s report Improving Access to Work for Disabled People says that funding increases for...
19 December 2014
Another packed edition of the All Wales Equality Network Newsletter, this edition gives details of meetings, free Wales TUC run courses on becoming a Trade Union Equality Rep along with the most recent updates, news articles and much more.
18 December 2014
Figuring out how to share maternity leave and pay has been made easier with the publication today (Thursday) of two new booklets from the TUC. The booklets – Leave and Pay for Mothers and Leave and Pay for Fathers and Partners – are part of the Know Your Rights series...
12 December 2014
Domestic violence is a prevalent crime. Many workplaces employ someone who has experienced it directly or indirectly. Domestic violence is now more widely understood and employers and trade unions realise that it can also have a damaging effect on business and employee morale. The effects of domestic violence can impact...
11 December 2014
Download The Pregnancy Test report (PDF) This TUC report says pregnancy and motherhood can seriously affect a woman’s career. Around a quarter of women don’t return to work after maternity leave, and one in six of the mums who do go back, change jobs because their employer won’t allow them...
02 December 2014
Forty years ago the law was changed to protect pregnant women from ill-treatment at work, but a report published today (Tuesday) by the TUC suggests that the attitudes of many employers are still stuck in the 1970s – with the sacking, bullying and sidelining of expectant mothers commonplace.
02 December 2014
Download Paternity leave and pay (PDF) If you are an expectant father or the partner of someone due to give birth or adopt a child, you could be entitled to time off to attend ante-natal appointments plus up to two weeks’ paid paternity leave. You may also be able to...
01 December 2014
Responding to research published today (Friday) by the National Childbirth Trust – on parents’ experiences of returning to work after the birth of a child – TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
28 November 2014
Download Leave and pay for mothers (PDF) Pregnant women are protected from harm in the workplace and have the right not to be dismissed or unfavourably treated because of their pregnancy. Most employed mothers are entitled to 52 weeks’ maternity leave and 39 weeks’ Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance...
27 November 2014
More than 150 women, men and children turned out to support the eighth annual Reclaim the Night event organised by the Northern TUC Women’s Group on Saturday 22 nd November. Once again the march was led by the fantastic Bangshees all –women drumming group who really got the crowd moving...
25 November 2014