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The concept of ‘good work' is not just about ensuring

Touchstone pampletA series of research reports designed to provoke debate, develop new ideas and influence longer-term policy thinking in government, parliament and amongst unions. They are not statements of TUC policy but instead are designed to inform and stimulate debate on the most pressing issues facing British policymakers.

Touchstone Pamphlets

#13. How to Boost the Wage Share

#12. Making a Contribution - Social security for the future

#11. Can Housing Work for Workers?

#10. Britain's Livelihood Crisis

#9. The Red Tape Delusion: Why deregulation won’t solve the jobs crisis

#8. The Road to Recovery: How effective unions can help rebuild the economy

#7. Speaking up for Public Services: The vital role of the Public Sector in and beyond the recession

#6. Life in the Middle: The Untold Story of Britain's Average Earners

#5. Unlocking Green Enterprise: A Low-Carbon Strategy for the UK Economy

#4. Do the Super-Rich Matter?

#3. A Green and Fair Future: For a Just Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

#2. Rethinking Public Service Reform - The ‘Public Value' Alternative

#1. The Missing Billions: The UK Tax Gap

Touchstone Extras

Touchstobe Extras #11. The Gender Jobs Split

Touchstone Extras #10. Job Creation: Lessons from Abroad

Touchstone Extras #9. Third Time Lucky: Building a progressive pensions consensus

Touchstone Extras #8. Where Have All the Wages Gone? Lost pay and profits outside financial services

Touchstone Extras #7. Generation Lost: Youth unemployment and the youth labour market

Touchstone Extras #6. All in this Together?

Touchstone Extras #5. Fairness and Prosperity

Touchstone Extras #4. In Sickness and in Health?: Good work - and how to achieve it

Touchstone Extras #3. Getting it in Proportion: Trade unions and electoral reform

Touchstone Extras #2. Stemming the Flood? - Assessing the UK Government's policy on tax avoidance since Budget 2008

Touchstone Extras #1. Unfair to Middling: How middle income Britain's shrinking wages fuelled the crash and threaten recovery

This Touchstone Extras pamphlet looks at the international experience of employment change since the recession, at how the British experience compares with other countries and at the lessons we can learn from this comparison.
19 July 2013
Touchstone pamphlet #13: British workers are experiencing the longest fall in real wages since the 1870s. Prices have been rising faster than earnings since 2010. People in work are thousands of pounds a year worse off as a result. Whatever statistic is seized on to tell us the recovery has...
09 July 2013
Touchstone Extra pamphlet on pensions policy. Written by Nigel Stanley and Craig Berry.
15 May 2013
This is a report about the share of wages in national income (“the wage share”) in the UK. Over the last 35 years there has been a substantial shift from wages to profits in the UK economy. Data from the Office for National Statistics show that between 1977 and 2008...
18 December 2012
Rising financial profits have reduced workers' wages and squeezed profits across the rest of the economy, according to a new TUC report published today (Monday).
10 December 2012
The experience of unemployment can be particularly damaging for young people, as evidence shows that those who experience prolonged worklessness when they are young are likely to suffer lifelong effects on both earnings and employment prospects. For this reason tackling youth unemployment needs to be a policy imperative. This pamphlet...
01 March 2012
The government must be far more ambitious in its attempts to tackle the growing youth unemployment crisis, says a new TUC report published today (Thursday).
01 March 2012
An audit of the impact of the downturn on the workforce by Stewart Lansley.
30 January 2012
The falling proportion of national output that goes on wages has meant that UK workers today are taking home £60bn a year less (in today's money) than workers did 30 years ago, according to a new report published today (Monday) by the TUC.
30 January 2012
This Touchstone pamphlet asks whether a more equal distribution of income would jeopardise the UK's economic prospects. Indeed, is more equality just what we need to improve our prosperity and well-being?
18 July 2011