Labour Market and Economic Reports

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The TUC produces a monthly Labour Market Report, providing ongoing analysis of labour market trends and forecasts, and some of the facts behind the headlines. In our bi-monthly Economic Reports we also consider the wider economic context, with a special focus on a different policy issue every month.

You can also read TUC policy officers' comments on the issues in the report series and the ongoing economic situation at the TUC public policy blog:

Midlands TUC comments on the latest Office of National Statistic figures and the quarterly inflation report from the Bank of England
13 August 2014
Commenting on the latest labour market statistics published today (Wednesday) by the Office for National Statistics, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
13 August 2014
Inner London is the only area of the country to have a higher rate of job starts than before the recession, while job creation in some parts of the country is down 31 per cent on pre-recession levels, according to a new TUC report published today (Monday).
23 June 2014
The latest TUC economic quarterly report provides an analysis of UK economic and labour market developments over recent months, and includes an extended feature on self-employment. In this issue we find • GDP growth has been strong since the start of 2013. • But GDP per capita is less impressive...
06 June 2014
The UK’s poor track record of social mobility means that people’s life chances are too dependent on their parents’ income, rather than their own education and ability, says the TUC as it publishes a new report on social mobility today (Tuesday).
13 May 2014
Responding to the latest labour market figures published today (Wednesday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
16 April 2014
Self-employment accounts for 44 per cent of the net rise in employment since mid- 2010, with pensioners, part-time workers and ‘odd-jobbers’ the fastest growing groups of Britain’s new self-employed workforce, the TUC says today (Monday) ahead of the latest employment figures published later this week.
14 April 2014
New research published by the TUC shows that tax credits and benefits play a crucial role in lifting low-paid workers out of poverty. This analysis focuses on six case studies where working adults see their pay increase from below the living wage to the living wage rate. The research is...
14 February 2014
This TUC economic quarterly report provides an analysis of UK economic and labour market developments over the three months to February. In this issue we find The recovery remains unbalanced with business investment and net trade lagging expectations Improvements in headline employment measures mask concerning regional trends. Falls in real...
12 February 2014
The latest TUC "Economic Report" looks at the regions and districts of England and how employment and unemployment have shifted over the past twenty years and since the recession.
20 January 2014